PLIC will contribute to Thai Industries

Material Handling and Logistics Business

The ratio of logistics costs to the value of goods is very large and always included in any goods. It is becoming important to manage logistics properly by combining mechanical equipment with logistics.
We encourage our employees to acquire the qualifications of logistics manager and offer total logistics engineering to our customers.
PLIC contributes to the world by providing logistics equipment.

Designing and Planning of Material Handling Systems

Logistics is also a new concept that incorporates energy saving, labor saving, mistake saving, safety, etc.
Technology is required. Among them, new knowledge, design ability,
We will strive to acquire manufacturing power.
In Thailand, AGVs and automated warehouses that will spread in the future are also with.
We are partnering and challenging new technology in Thailand.
Conveyor design and control design in the premises have been in Thailand for more than 20 years
We have a history and are proud to be able to meet various demands.

Forklift business

For forklifts, a major player in on-premise logistics, we provide services to our customers as agents of Sumitomo Forklifts. In particular, the forklift rental service focuses on “preventive maintenance” and “operator training” so that customers’ work is not stopped. We also recommend electric forklifts in consideration of the environment, safety and energy saving. We introduce not only forklift trucks, but also stackers, towing vehicles, and attachments that improve work efficiency.


Logistics materials sales business

Logistics materials vary widely, but PLIC strives to provide as many logistics materials as possible with short delivery times.

Storage equipment and construction business

Storage of goods is also an important part of logistics. PLIC is expanding not only general racks but also automated warehouses in Thailand in collaboration. We also provide tent house warehouse and mezzanine floor.


Temperature control business

PLIC is an expert in temperature management that is indispensable for manufacturing.
In-house manufacturing of global standard thermocouples, RTDs and heaters based on technical guidance from Japan, and temperature calibration with ISO / IEC17025 certification.
We handle everything related to temperature management, such as service, selection of temperature controllers by temperature management specialists, environmental test equipment, and furnaces designed and manufactured by ourselves.
We will continue to provide reliable and stable temperature management services and products from Thailand.

Thermocouple RTD

Manufactured in Thailand based on Japanese technology.
According to global standards recognized not only in Thailand, but also in Japan and Southeast Asia,
It is a custom-made temperature sensor that meets your specifications.

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heater is of Japanese standard quality.

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Silicon nitride ceramic products

Kubota’s new material, ceramic silicon nitride, was developed as a component for molten aluminum.
Stoke with excellent thermal shock resistance and aluminum corrosion resistance,
We offer heater tubes and thermocouple protection tubes.

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Thermometer Temperature Recorder

Shimaden products aiming for system integration.
Various types such as program controllers and power controllers are available.
We can also manufacture a temperature control device according to your order.


Integrated production from design to production in-house.
We also have a wide range of environmental testing machines for different applications.

Temperature calibration service

If you are unsure whether your thermocouple is displaying the correct temperature,
Please use the temperature calibration service. Obtained ISO / IEC 17025:2017.

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