PLIC will contribute to Thai Industries

Material Handling Solutions

Temperature Control Solutions



Name of PLIC came from Thai Chili.
We want to be spicy and hot institution.

Corporate Philosophy

  • PLIC be required by the industry in Thailand and all around the world, by providing valuable products and services.
  • PLIC be respected not only from client and customer, but from competitor and public.
  • PLIC aim all employees to be proud in work.
  • PLIC continue to challenge in company and personal growth.
  • PLIC always have high aspiration and contribute to whole society.

Code of Conduct

  • We wil constantly inquire for the fair and just in our actions.
  • We are not afraid in changing, and have courage to ever-changing.
  • We believe that teamwork is the most powerful and effective activity measures, we respect cooperativeness and individual.
  • We will not flee from problems, and make every effort to solve the problem.
  • We will provide good value than the competitor, as proof we will overcome the overall competition.