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Forklift attachment

Forklift attachment

For handling cargo of truck and van.

Side – Shift Frok

Forklift attachment: Side - Shift Frok
Reduce crosscut, the truck stays stationary as the fork move to left/right.
Side Shift Fork supports fast accurate forkwork. The fingerbar allows to move fork hortzontal left & right without changing truck position. For the movement of the truck will be lose, can reduco operators fatigue and operation time. Also prevention of colision and contact with surrounding obstacles, contributing to the safety.

Reach Fork

Forklift attachment: Reach Frok
Two row or inner loading work easy.
Loading work of cargo and truck often be limited in work space, and tends to be one sided handling. With reach mechanism of pantograph equation, can load from one side or Imer loadng without long fork by extending fork to the front.

For loading various type of pallet.

Hydraulic Fork Positioner

Forklift attachment: Hydraulic Fork Positioner
Easy fork movement and relief work force.
To carry cargo in stable state, fork spacing is essential to meet the pallet size. The more numerous the size of the pallet, heavy fork movement wil be time consurning. Hydraulic fork positioner can adjust fork spread width by lever from the driver seat, so can greatly Improve the work efficiency.

For loading that needs clamping.

Fork Clamp

Forklift attachment: Fork Clamp
Make clamp and pallet operations easy.
Fork clamp can be used for both clamp and pallet operations. Is flexble in alther clamping packed goods, or carrying palet. The fork arm can handle two work, desorption of fork and attachment will be unnecessary. Equiped with a variety of corwenience, such as ad using fork space from the driver seat.

Bale Clamp

Forklift attachment: Bale Clamp
Firm clamping, carrying fast and accurately of packed goods.
Carring raw cotton, cloth, waste paper by holding tightly with both sides of large arm. Helps speeding up work, reduce operating process and expense. Designed by focussing on shape and bulkyness of packed goods. Can toughly work in cargo pickup point or factory.

For loading (Paper) Rolls.

Paper Roll Clamp

Forklift attachment: Paper Roll Clamp
Big power and great features, best for paper roll carriage.
For paper rol works, grips hoevy roll paper tightly and quick carriage. Include features of full 360 degree rotation (left-right) function, alow to load heavy cargos and other options. Makes cargo loading safer and faster. Paper rol clamp will be active for places such as paper mills, cardboard plenta, paper processing plante, distribution warehouse, printing plants.

For embracing and releasing cargo.

Hinged Fork

Forklift attachment: Hinged Fork
Wide range operation with three function such as wood, copper pipe, gravel, scrap.
Hinged fork is designed to have three functions (hinged, bucket, pallet carriage) In one unit. Can transport variety types of goods. Available for handling cargos of different sizes, weight and shapes. The single cylinder and double cylinder also exhibits its characteristics. Active and strong.

Rotating Fork

Forklift attachment: Rotating Fork
Double working of rotation and pallet operations.
The fork continuously rotate 360 degree left and right. By using box pallet or basket, make transporting and releasing materials to scrap work efficient. By setting fork horizontaly. It can be used as carrying pallet of finished goods. The rotating fork is strong with double function.

For loading cargos that easy to collapse.

Load Stabilizer

Forklift attachment: Load Stabilizer
Comfortable work by pressing cargo, various types to fulfill your needs.
Carry bottles, cardboards by pressing from the above. Safe carriage even on slope or uneven surface roads. Speedy operations, and without collapse. Available in standard and various types, according to the kinds and conditions of the cargo. Carry important cargo certainly and efficiently.

For loading cargos in areas with low ceiling and doorway.

2 Stage Full Free Mast

Forklift attachment: 2 Stage Full Free Mast
Can load high even its low ceiling.
The full free mast have large amount of free lift, it extends its height even rising fork. Ideal for warehouse, ships and container with low ceiling. Can upload close to cealing easily without the mast stuck ceiling.

3 Stage Full Free Mast

Forklift attachment: Bale Clamp
Can pass low gateway easily even it has tall mast.
Even it has low mast height, the full free mast can extend up three levels. Excellent power in high loading work in warehouse with low doorway. The full free function makes upload close to cealing easy. Provide a wide range of activities, uploading freely from low to high areas.

For wide and long cargo carriage.

Wide Carriage

Forklift attachment: Wide Carriage
Wide backrest width and wide fork arrange width.
Wide carriage makes cargo stable, best in transporting wide and light weight cargo, such as lumber, plywood, containers and wide pallet.

Wide range in carriage.

Slider Fork

Forklift attachment: Slider Fork
Improve pile up efficiency in one effort with flexibility fork.
The slider fork can strech and shorten fork by hydraulic from operator seat. Can handle big size light weighted cargo, pick up the cargo in the back of the shelf by stretching fork, onside of placing the cargo in backside of the truck, or can shorten the fork and undermine the work without turning in tight space.

Turner Fork

Forklift attachment:
Including 360 degrees rotation fork clamp.
Can manage both fork and clamp work in once. Efficient in cargo pick up point such as port that handle many different type of cargo.

For low cost and effective carriage.

Four Fork Wide Carriage (Includes Sideshift)

Forklift attachment: Four Fork Wide Carriage (Includes Sideshift)
Allow loading 2 pallet in once, and sideshift.
Can handle two lightweight pallet in the same time, increase efficiency for loading & unloading to truck. The sideshift allows for adjustment of cargo position without crosscut.


Forklift attachment: Push-Pull
Sheet pallet increase pallet carriage, decrease storage cost.
For extrude or draw cargo stacked on the sheet pallet made from cardboard or plastic from the platen(loading area). Compared with wooden pallet, sheet pallet is expensive, light weight, thin, hygenic and space saving, unneccessary in storing empty pallets. Frequently used in foods, consumer electronics, fertilizer and agricultural industries.
Forklift Attachment
Forklift Attachment
Forklift Attachment
Forklift Attachment
Forklift Attachment
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Forklift Attachment

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