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Forklift Service

Forklift Information

How to Choose Forklift

Check Points

1. Maximum Weight of Loading Goods : Capacity of Forklift
2. Weight Center of Goods (Loading Center) : Capacity of Forklift
3. Pallets Size : To Know the Loading Center, Fork size
4. Highest position of Rack : Mast height
5. Ceiling Height : Mast Selection (Full Free)
6. Entrance, Gate Height : Mast Selection (Full Free)
7. Width of the Path : Forklift Body and Turning Performance
8. Angle of the Slope : Forklift Power Capacity
9. Usage Hours : Battery Capacity and Spare Battery
10. Floor Condition : Tire Selection and Type of Forklift
11. Capacity of Floor : Weight of Forklift
12. Electric Capacity : Charger Size and Battery Capacity
13. Circumstance of Working Area : Temperature, Moisture, Heat, Gas, Dust, Safety, Brightness etc.
14. Distance of Drive : Forklift Driving Perfomance

Electric Forklift and Engine Forklift

Advantage of Electric Forklift
  Very Economical Energy Cost (Generally Spoken, Energy cost is 10%-15% of Diesel cost for Engine Forklift)
  Less Maintenance Cost
  Good for Environment, (Very low Noise, No Smoke, No Smell, No CO2)
  Easy Controlled by Computer of forklift (Speed Control, Energy Control)
  Smaller Size

Disadvantage of Electric Forklift
  Need a time for charge electric. So, if operation is busy, need additional battery for spare.
  Battery life is not so long. Charge and Discharge cycle is 1200 times if normal battery.
  Comparing to Engine Forklift, climbing slope power is less.

Advantage of Engine Forklift
  Climbing Slope, Lifting Speed can be powerful than Electric Forklift
  Filling fuel can charge Forklift in short time.

Disadvantage of Engine Forklift
  Pollution can be made by Gas, Smoke, CO2 etc.
  High Maintenance cost
  Need to stock of Fuel
  Resale Value is still higher than Electric Forklift



Rental Forklift

PLIC is a one of top forklift rental providers in Thailand. PLIC’s rental units assets are over 1500 units.
Feature of PLIC’s rental is “we are strong in electric forklifts rentals”.
Customer and PLIC are in the same boat to keep good condition of operation.

Benefit of Rental Forklift

Preventive Maintenance are made by PLIC every month
Forklift conditions are reported and can know the current condition
Rental fee is inclusive of all Maintenance Cost
No need to employ maintenance staffs
Monthly costs of forklift are equal
In accounting, payments amounts is equal to an accounting expense of forklift
No need to review repair cost and maintenance cost in daily operation
No need to prepare initial investment fund for forklift
Most economical maintenance (including preventive maintenance) are made according to PLIC’s experience

Long Term Rental and Short Term Rental

PLIC provide “Long Term Rental” and “Short Term Rental”
PLIC is an official dealer of Sumitomo Forklift, Linde Material Handling Kolec, Heli, we may provide low price rentals to users.
Even Short Term Rental, as PLIC keep stock over 300 units, we may provide suitable forklift to the user.
When the user needs urgent usage, we may support the user’s requirement


As PLIC is an official dealer, all service staffs are trained by Maker directly and know most suitable maintenance method.
PLIC will support wide range of maintenance, from Pathumthani head office Chonburi branch,Rayong branch,Prachinburi branch.
All forklift data are connected and recorded by mobile internet system, so our staffs can know detail of forklifts data.


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